About Me

I absolutely adore the art of capturing moments!

It fills me with immense joy to immortalize a fleeting instance that holds deep meaning and evokes powerful emotions. My journey into this craft began years ago when I stumbled upon old family albums. As I flipped through the pages, I was transported back in time, to a world before my existence—a captivating time capsule that revealed long-forgotten moments and untold stories.

From my parents’ cherished moments in their hometown of St. Marc, Haiti, to our first family home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when they first immigrated to Canada, each photograph spoke volumes. What touched me the most were the genuine smiles and introspective gazes captured by my parents. It is this essence that I strive to recreate in every photo I take—life as it is, with a sprinkle of added magic. Reflecting on those moments, I fondly remember the little teddy bear sitting in the background or the old van that served as our vessel for Saturday morning adventures with my cousins, cramming in and exploring the city.

When I received my very own camera at the age of 13, a world of possibilities unfolded before me. I eagerly embraced the idea of documenting every second of my day, no matter how ordinary it seemed. It was during this time that many of my family and friends affectionately started referring to me as the “cameraman”—a title that I hold dear. Now, we all cherish the captured moments from our family functions, realizing the true value of those documented memories.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who has supported and humored my passion for photography throughout my journey. Their unwavering encouragement has fueled my growth and love for this art form. Looking ahead, I am genuinely excited to continue capturing exciting, genuine, and authentic moments with a diverse range of people. I eagerly await the future and the endless possibilities it holds. Regardless of the changes that surround us, I firmly believe that the genuine smiles, tears, hugs, and kisses will endure. I am committed to preserving these cherished moments for generations to come.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure as I capture the essence of life, one precious moment at a time.

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