Take me out to the Asian Festival

Ottawa Titans

I haven’t always been the biggest baseball fan but one enduring love I have for the sport is the eternally classic “Take me out to the ball game”. Despite the nature of this catchy tune that I could not get anyone to sing along with me a couple of weeks ago at the Ottawa Titans baseball game at the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park.

I can’t blame them though, it was a cool, rainy, dreary evening. The opening pitch was set for 6:30 but due to the bad weather there was a delay of about 2 hours. Luckily, we were perched up in a booth, away from the wet concourse and crowded entrance  where fans were some fans were hiding away from the downpour although there were some strong willed folks

It was our first experience at the ballpark, and it was quite nice despite the delays. The bathrooms were clean, and the staff was very friendly, personable, and welcoming – the benefits of going to a watch a small local team. After a couple of false starts the rain cleared up and we received the announcement that the game would begin but wouldn’t go the entire 9 innings.

At first, we were all a little disappointed, but it worked out because the game was over by the 6th inning. The Titans absolutely dominated the game with a couple of 3 run home runs and great defensive play.

It was a trouncing of the highest order, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, who doesn’t love when the home team is kicking some butt.

Ottawa Asian Fest Night Market

On Saturday we decided to go look at the Asian festival taking place on the always exciting Sparks Street. It was a unique event celebrating Asian culture and cuisine. The setup like most other special events on sparks streets saw vendors lined up on the right and left of the main street. The food was pricey but delicious and you could find tasty dishes like squid, an Asian spin on chicken and waffles and some pancake desserts.

There was a DJ riling up the crowd, games where you could win cool prizes including some pokemon plushies and a claw machine where I saw people actually win!!

Overall It was a great event and certainly look forward to coming back next year!

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